Hopefully winter will make up its mind..

posted Jan 24, 2017, 8:02 PM by Tracie Larsen   [ updated Jan 24, 2017, 8:02 PM ]
We've had our January thaw (and the deep freeze too, thank you!), so let's hope for weather appropriate for the time of year... 

As those of you who read the weekly email will know, there was a 50-50 draw last week - the winner will likely have a good use for the proceeds! Watch for the next draw in February - there might even be enough to take your sweetie out for a (small) Valentine's treat. 

Those who have been able to come to rehearsals have seen the new music that's been handed out; if you haven't made it yet, your section-mates probably have a copy for you.  Also, if you have suggestions for pieces representing the various regions of the country, please let Bob know! 
A Steak Night fundraiser is being organized - date and location to be announced. Contact the social committee if you'd like to help out. 
There are no rehearsals during school breaks, so band is cancelled February 22nd and April 19th. While Thom is unavailable April 12th as well, the search is on for an alternate space for that date.   

This year, Senior band will be playing at the Optimist Festival, so there will be no Intermediate band on March 22. While we don't have our performance time yet, we have put in a request for the latest possible time - stay tuned for updates! 

We have a tentative booking for March 12th - a rehearsal and concert with the Moose Jaw Adult band - updates to follow. 
And, our spring concert date has been set - 7 pm, Sunday April 30th, at Lakeview United Church. 

Second half fees are now due. 
Note that our fees are the major source of funds to keep the organization going. Proceeds from the Hot Dog sale during the summer and the 50/50 draws are can only be used for extras like new music if all the other bills are paid first. 

Save the Date: 
This is a summary only - details are on the calendar.
 When     What
 ??  Steak night fundraiser
 February 22No rehearsals (school break)
 March 1 Clinics with Brent G during regular rehearsal times!
 March 12 Tentative: afternoon rehearsal and evening concert in Moose Jaw
 March 22 Senior band plays at the Optimist Festival 
 April 12    Thom unavailable - another location may be found
 April 19 No rehearsals (Easter break)
 April 30, 7pm Spring Concert