New year - new music!

posted Jan 22, 2019, 8:55 PM by Tracie Larsen   [ updated Jan 22, 2019, 8:55 PM ]
Some resolutions are still holding up, and some have gone by the wayside, and we're only three weeks in! Let's see how long the "more frequent posting" one goes. 

Not only have we been adding to our folders, there are also two pieces that have been handed in: Block M and All the Pretty Little Ponies.  Check out the music links to see if you can spot the new ones - and if you find better performances, please let Tracie know.  

We will be back to watching for weathery Wednesdays - and hoping they won't interfere with regular rehearsals. If conditions are such that there could be an issue, please watch your inbox for cancellation emails. 

Also, there are a few new faces around - but you'll have to come to rehearsals to find out who they are. 


Since it's time to get back, it's also time for the second fees installment for those that chose the two-payment plan.
Also, if you still have either a Christmas folder or a November 11th folder (or both), please bring them to band as soon as possible so the music can be sorted out for next year. 
Please let us know if you won't be able to attend a rehearsal - since some of you travel quite a bit to come for band, it's nice to know you're safe!

Upcoming Events 

As information is available, the calendar entries will be updated, but here is a summary of the dates to remember: 
 Date    Description
 January 30     50/50 tickets on sale!
 February 7  Who's birthday could it be? 
 February 27 50/50 Tickets on sale !
 March 20 Optimist Band Festival    
 March 27 50/50 Tickets on sale
 April 13 Road Trip! Off to Tisdale for a workshop and concert!  (watch for updates on this!!) 
 April 28 Spring Concert!