Deep Freeze, snow globe, wind tunnel ... repeat

posted Feb 4, 2014, 9:12 PM by Tracie Larsen   [ updated Feb 4, 2014, 9:12 PM ]
Well, it is winter after all, so we can expect some cold and maybe some snow and probably some wind - it would be nice for them to not all show up at the same time!

Thank you to everyone who managed to get to rehearsals at the right time last week.! And also thank you to those who called or emailed to let us know you wouldn't be there.

Upcoming Events:
We do have some items to look forward to during this challenging season:
 - there will be a clinic on March 1 with Greg McLean, at Lakeview United church (check the calendar entry for more details!
 - we will be playing in the Optimist Festival, on the Wednesday night (March 17); time to be announced
 - the date for our Spring concert is set (April 30)
 - we are doing an extra concert at the Wascana Rehab Center (April 2)
 - and last, but definitely not least, we have been invited to Yorkton for a joint concert on May 4

If by some circumstance beyond your control, you still have Christmas music (or <gasp> November 11th music), PLEASE be sure to bring it as soon as possible. 

For those members on the instalment plan, second half fees are due now. Please talk to our Treasurer or President as soon as possible to get this taken care of!

Coming up: 
 March 1
 clinic with Greg McLean - likely at Lakeview United Church
 March 19-21 Regina Optimist Band Festival - our performance times to be determined
 April 2,  7pm
 Concert at Wascana Rehab Centre
 April 30, 7pm 
 Spring concert at Lakeview United Church
 May 4  
 Day trip to Yorkton -> please sign up!