Spring thaw or the lull before the storm?

posted Mar 11, 2015, 11:44 PM by Tracie Larsen   [ updated Mar 11, 2015, 11:44 PM ]
What a difference from just two weeks ago!  Instead of bitter cold, there's puddles (and potholes!!) all over. 

Next week is Optimist Festival - even if you weren't able to get to rehearsal this week, please try to join us at the Conexus Arts Centre next Wednesday. We will be performing at 5:30, so please try to be there by 4:30 so we can all trek up to the warm-up room. You can still join us if you can get there by 5, so if the boss won't let you go any earlier, you can still come play, Check the calendar entry for details - but  in case you don't get a chance: please wear all black, including shoes and socks. We will be warming up with the Liberty Bell, then proceeding with Irish Rhapsody and Alvamar.  We will be getting together at Western Pizza afterwards.

    Our March 50-50 number has been drawn, so the rest of us will be waiting until April Fool's Day!
    We have a Steak Night fundraiser coming up as well, on April 18th at Bonzinni's. Please see the social committee for tickets!

Unfortunately, we won't be hosting the Yorkton community band at our Spring concert -but as someone pointed out, the silver lining to that cloud is we'll have time for more pieces of our own. For anyone who doesn't already have it on a calendar somewhere, the concert will be at 2pm, Sunday, May 3. 
Please let us know if you aren't able to get to rehearsal - the best method is to call Bob or Jane - or email us.  

Calendar Summary
 When Where What
 March 18, 4:30 pm (warmup), 5:30 performance Conexus Arts Centre     Optimist Band Festival performance, Senior band 
No Intermediate Band rehearsal 

 April 3-10      Easter Holdiay for Regina Public Schools - no Band April 8
 April 18, 6pm     Bonzzini's Steak Night Fundraiser
 May 3, 2pm     ?Lakeview United Church Spring Concert
(location to be confirmed)