Summer break...

posted May 11, 2015, 10:46 PM by Tracie Larsen   [ updated May 11, 2015, 10:46 PM ]

Just because the season is over doesn't mean the work is done!  

Please remember to send in your music requests for next season - maybe you have a favorite selection we haven't played recently, or an idea for a number of pieces; in any case, let's hear from you what you'd like to play! 

    Our other major fundraiser for the year is approaching! On the Father's day weekend, we have a hot dog sale scheduled at the north Canadian Tire, here in Regina. There are still some time-slots open, so check your email for the spreadsheet and let us know you can hep out .   

Word of mouth remains our best marketing tool - so please try to convince folks who you think may enjoy playing with us to come out in September! 

Calendar Summary
 When Where What
 June 20-21, 
 9am-5pm both days
Canadian Tire North Hot Dog Sale
- please sign up for a shift if you can!