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Listening to the pieces we play can be a challenge - when we play, we can only hear our section, or the one behind us, so we don't get the full effect.

For many of the pieces we have played in the past few years, there are performances captured on YouTube which can give us an idea of the overall sound.  The following links highlight some of our most recent repertoire.

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Bohemian Rhapsody muffled sound, more conventional instrumentation Senior 
Bohemian Rhapsody Brass & Saxes; same arranger as the version we play Senior 
Freedom City  Senior 
Gather Ye Rosebuds  Senior 
Honor Guard March  Senior 
In Heaven's Air no video, sound without distraction can be nice!  Senior 
Scossa Elettrica a nice tempo Senior 
Scossa Elettrica Amazingly crisp for the speed! Senior 
Sedona  Senior 
Silence Overwhelmed no video, just great sound Senior 
Silence Overwhelmed community band, a softer sound Senior 
Silvercrest March  Senior 
The Gathering of the Yeomen professional version! Senior 
Waltz #2 - Shostakovich  Senior 
William Tell Overture Finale yes, it's just brass, but the conductor is so fun to watch!  Senior 
William Tell Overture Finale Starts at 1:58 - it's a community band Senior 
William Tell Overture Finale A different community band; a little slower in tempo Senior 
Yakety Sax another version - a little louder perhaps  Senior 
Yakety Sax they had a little bit of fun with this one!  Senior 
You Raise Me Up  Senior 
Zampa Overture lots of orchestral versions; this one is closer to our instrumentation Senior 
A Basque Lullaby publisher's site Intermediate 
Abracadabra  Senior 
Absolutely Sousa Publisher's version - follow along on the score!  Senior 
A Christmas Auld Lang Syne  Senior 
Alla Barocco Original demo recording!  Senior 
All Aboard trombones are definitely featured here!  Senior 
All I Want for Christmas is You (video moves around to get all the players)  Senior 
All the Pretty Little Horses Senior 
Alvamar Overture lovely performance  Senior 
Alvamar Overture another version - bassoon quintet and percussion  
Amazing Grace Community band (!), with piper who might be the arranger Senior 
Amazing Grace no pipes; the band has a nice sound  
Ammerland from publisher's site Senior 
Amparito Roca   
Amparito Roca Massed adult bands - link sent in by Bernadette. Those xylophones really add something!   
An American Elegy   
An Irish Rhapsody not too quick; nicer balance than some   
Army of the Nile   
As Tears Fall on Dawn's New Light from publisher's site  
At Morning's First Light  Senior 
Ave Maria  Senior 
Baby It's Cold Outside might be a little slower than we'd like it to go... Senior 
Beach Boys Greatest Hits  Intermediate 
Benjamin Franklin and the Art of Music  Link found by Andrea and forwarded by Bernadette  
Black Horse Troop, The It's Sousa! Senior 
Block M  Senior 
Blue Orchid  Senior 
Bravura March nice crisp version Senior 
Bubbling Woodwinds Nice crisp soloist sound on this version  
Canada This full version with lyrics can bring back memories for some of us!!  Senior 
Canada on the March sorry about the ad, but you can skip it fairly quickly Senior 
Canterbury Chorale no distracting video here Senior 
Cape St Mary good sound for an outdoor performance!! Find lyrics here:  
Carnegie Anthem Nice crisp sound!  
Cartoon Symphony even has audience participation - and a slide whistle!!   
Celebration Folkloriques from publisher's site; click on "Listen" to hear excerpts  
Celtic Carol No video, just still pictures, but the sound is great Senior 
Chicago [Pop and Rock Legends] nice clean performance Senior 
Children's March   
Christmas from the 50s only one soloist; also a community band  
Christmas from the 50s multiple soloists  
Christmas Spectacular  Senior 
Christmastime with Charlie Brown  Senior 
Clarinet Candy This Italian group plays about our tempo, and has a nice balance.   
Classical Gas Community band - you may recognize the conductor ... Senior 
Classical Gas This is the group that commissioned this arrangement - the're a little younger than we are Senior 
Colonel Bogey An older recording; the trumpet part is really prominent  
Crazy for Cartoons  Senior 
Crooner's Serenade Don't mind the camerawork; just appreciate the music!   
Danza del Fuego publishers's site Intermediate 
Denbridge Way from publisher's site; click "Listen" to hear a preview (excerpt)  
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral   
Encanto from publisher's site  
Fairest of the Fair Nice blend and tempo!   
Flower Duet from Lakme (Horn Duet) this seems to be the same arrangement we have; a little slow maybe  
Glenn Miller Medley not the fastest nor the slowest version; easy to follow along and hear most of the parts Senior 
Gospel John  Senior 
Hallelujah publisher's site Intermediate 
Hallelujah  Intermediate 
Happy Holidays White Christmas   
Happy Holiday/White Christmas   
Hawaii Five-O Theme   
Highlights from Jersey Boys another quick version, really nice sound  
Highlights from the Jersey Boys a bit quicker than most versions   
Hockey Night in Canada Theme  Intermediate 
Holiday Emblem great version but no credit for players Senior 
Holiday Flutecake  Senior 
In the Forest of the King no video of the performance to distract from the music Senior 
In the Mood Nice tempo, reasonable balance Senior 
Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head  Senior 
Joy Revisited from publisher's site  
Klezmer Karnival, A no video - easier to concentrate on the sound Senior 
Lead on, O King Eternal   
Loki, Evil Trickster of Asgard Just the music, no video; from vendor site  
March Grandioso quick and crisp! Senior 
Maxium Concert March from publisher's site; click on "Listen" to hear excerpt  
Moonlight Sonata from publisher's site;   
Moscow 1941 publisher's site Intermediate 
Mountain Thyme for massed band performance in Yorkton  
Mr Bartow (march) follow along with the score Senior 
New Baroque Suite Follow along on the score for this version!  Senior 
Nightfall in Camp a community band version Senior 
Night on Bald Mountain from publisher's site; click on "Listen"   
Nostalgia  Senior 
O Holy Night arranged by Erik Morales - only found this version  
Pentland Hills A Remembrance Day favourite!  Senior 
Perfect a more contemporary piece...  Senior 
Petty Harbor Bait Skiff find the lyrics here:  
Prairie Winds Festival Publisher site, with score Senior 
Puszta no video to distract from this snappy version!  Senior 
Puszta one of the comments has the start points for each movements; a little slower than the other version Senior 
Queen City Suite One of the few recordings of all of the movements.   
Reflections on an English Hymn   
(Risk) Everything for a Dream  Senior 
Rivers  Senior 
Royal Air Force March Past Nov 11th standard Senior 
Sea Songs   
Second Suite in F The US Army Field Band - with chorus - a little quicker than we play it, and the vocals give this version a different sound Senior 
Second Suite in F Precise and clean  Senior 
Second Suite in F Halifax Concert Band  Senior 
Selections from The Phantom of the Opera   
Semper Fidelis March arranged by Brion/Schissel  
Shipping Up to Boston  Senior 
Songs of World War I yes, it's a midi version - but it is the full length, posted by the arranger  
Stars and Stripes Forever USMC Band - pretty much a definitive performance Senior 
Star Wars/Raiders March   
The Dragoon's Farewell   
The Eagles on Tour  Senior 
The Homefront: Musical Memories from World War II nice clean recording - they took it a little faster than we do Senior 
The Home Town Boy From the publisher's site; has the conductor's score if you want to follow along  
The Liberty Bell March no visual, but the audio is crisp and easy to listen to  
The Lion King from publisher's site; full piece  
Them Basses Nice speed - and bonus background info on the composer!   
The Trombone King   
Thunderbolt Galop publisher's site Intermediate 
Tijuana Brass in Concert music is understood by all ages and countries!  Senior 
Trombone King Great music with a good video  
Unchained Melody Another version - soloist is also the director... Senior 
Unchained Melody  Senior 
Vimy Ridge March For Remembrance Day Senior 
Whiteleaf Hill Another piece for Yorkton   
Winterwinds exerpts from the publisher's site  
Wipeout  Senior 
With Each Sunset (Comes the Promise of a New Day)  Senior 
Yellow Mountains nicely played version Senior 
Showing 146 items