Welcome to 2020!

Post date: Jan 15, 2020 5:32:19 AM

The new calendar year has started off with the weather variations we've come to expect on Wednesdays...

Let's hope that the 15th is only cold and not blustery too!

In the spirit of warming up, the Social Committee has organized a Steak Night fundraiser at The Last Straw, on Saturday, February 8th. Tickets will be available at rehearsals, and will be $25 each. We do need a minimum of 50 people, and we need to give them numbers by February 6th (especially if there are folks who need chicken/vegetarian/gluten free options!) There will be a 50/50 draw, and we'll be able to celebrate Bob's birthday in style this year. Invite your friends and family too - sorry, no minors.

Looking further ahead:

The Tisdale band is looking forward to coming to our concert in May - stay tuned for some before/after activities as well.


Don't forget to bring back the Christmas and November 11th music when you come to rehearsals in January.

We are continuing to do 50/50 draws again this year - watch for the notes on which week the tickets will be available, and save up your change in between.

Upcoming Events

Most events will show up in the calendar with details, but here is a handy overview.