January Thawed - back to winter?

Post date: Jan 31, 2015 4:7:26 AM

The January thaw was a little longer than usual, so that's three fewer Wednesdays with nasty weather this year!

We're still waiting on the organizers of the Optimist Band Festival to see if our time request (as late as possible, because many if us have day jobs) request can be accommodated. In the meantime, we have some new - and some challenging - pieces to work on.


Our January 50-50 draw winner has collected, so the rest of us will wait until February - next week!! Don't forget those loonies and twoonies when you come to rehearsal!


Second half fees are now PAST due. If you are having cash flow issues, check with the executive to arrange a payment plan that suits you.

If you weren't at the Christmas concert in December, and still have your Christmas folder, please hand it in as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you aren't able to get to rehearsal - the best method is to call Bob or Kim (or Jane when she gets back) - or email us.

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