Time passages...

Post date: Feb 26, 2020 5:42:19 AM

It's a leap year, but somehow time has still moved inexorably on.

This month got off to a great start with the clinic with Jan Michael Bourgeois - both groups thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. It is always interesting to see/hear another director's perspective on our pieces. Then we had the lovely steak night fundraiser - thanks so much to the social committee for organizing it!

Back to work this week, though - we have some work to do on the pieces for the concert as well as the festival pieces.

Cross-organization promotion: the Rider Pep Band is having their first rehearsal for the 2020 football season on Sunday, March 1st at 2 pm at the Eagles Club - see attached poster for more information.


As usual, please let us know if you are unable to attend rehearsal. Also, for Intermediates - please let Stacy know if you will be unable to attend the Optimist performance, as soon as possible.

We are continuing to do 50/50 draws again this year - there's one this week (Feb 25), so don't forget the loonies and twoonies.

Upcoming Events

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