November Update

Post date: Nov 13, 2013 11:43:44 PM

The weather outside is ... not frightful yet!

Thank you to everyone who played on November 11th at Fort Qu'Appelle!

For those that were unable to make it, it was a lovely day, and the music was good, too.

If you weren't there, and didn't do so earlier, PLEASE hand in the November 11th music folder as soon as possible. Now that it was all sorted out properly, we want to keep it that way.

We'll be tackling the Christmas music earnestly now - there's less than a month to the concert!!

Here's hoping the roads stay passable on Wednesdays for a change!


Fees were due by October 23rd if you're paying for the whole year at once, or for those on the instalment plan, the first payment was due by October 23rd, and the second is due by January 8th.

There is no additional fee for being in both Intermediate and Senior band. Please check with us if there are issues with paying your fees.

For your info, our fees go toward: directors' salaries, facilities rental, music and photocopying, clinicians, percussion usage, advertising, promotions, and administrative costs such as postage.

Grey Cup Parade

The Saskatchewan Grey Cup Marching Band wants YOU!

Note that they are still taking registrations, and even if you can't march, there are plenty of ways to help get the show on the road, so please consider coming out. Think of all the extra calories you'll burn off!

For more information, email

or check their FaceBook page: 2013GreyCupMarchingBand

Upcoming Events

November 23: Grey Cup Parade - Come join the marching band for the parade!

December 11: Christmas Concert at Lakeview United Church

January 8: Rehearsals resume after the Christmas/Winter break