Hippity hop - Spring is here, after all

Post date: Apr 12, 2014 7:0:28 AM

Shrugging off the winter jackets, and digging out the sunglasses

Everyone is now getting to band when it is still light out, so the end of the season must be approaching!

Thank you to everyone who managed to get to the Wascana Rehab Centre - we got positive feedback so we will try to add a concert there to our normal calendar, either at Christmas or in the spring. An extra big thank you goes out to those who helped with bringing equipment over from the church!

We are working on our concert material, so please try and attend these last rehearsals.

We are continuing with having Intermediate at 6:30, the combined group at 7:30, and Senior at 8:30.


Due to the Easter break, rehearsals on April 23 will be at Lakeview United Church - please enter at the southeast corner (the door by Bob's office), and proceed to the basement.

We will also be having our Annual General Meeting on April 23, at 8pm.

The trip to Yorkton is on - and we would like both bands to come. The tentative schedule has been added to the calendar. Note that we have not decided where we will leave from or when we will be leaving Regina. As at the April 9th rehearsal, we did not have enough people signed up to get a bus, which would mean we will need to drive/carpool.

Coming up:

April 23, 8 pm

April 30, 7 pm

May 4

3pm Concert at Sacred Heart High School


Note that we will be rehearsing at Lakeview United Church, downstairs, that day as the schools are closed for Spring/Easter break.

Spring concert at Lakeview United Church, in the gym

See poster attached below - and it is for this year, although the filename may mislead you!

Day trip to Yorkton -> please sign up!

Both bands will be going, but unless we can get enough people signed up, we will have to drive ourselves. If we do manage to get the commitment to get one, the bus charge will be $25 due to the increase in the cost of buses.