Winding up the season!

Post date: May 04, 2014 7:27:53 AM

Thank you

Thank you all for playing at our Spring concert April 30 - and a special "thank you" to our guest conductor, Greg McLean. Audience feedback was - it was good to hear that they enjoyed the programme.

Upcoming Events

Yorkton trip: (see calendar for details)

For those who wondered about the music we were given, there are links in the Gallery.

Summary of schedule:

Meet in parking lot by old Zellers at Victoria Square at 10am for car pooling.

Leave by 10:30 - gets us to Yorkton about 12:30 - only time for a quick lunch

Meet at 1pm at Sacred Heart High School (on North Gladstone Avenue)

1:30 is the massed band rehearsal

3:00 is the concert

5:00 ish is the supper provided by the Yorkton band (please stay as they have prepared for the number of us that are going)

6:30ish - leave for Regina after supper.

Hot Dog Sale - TBA

Dates and sign-up information will be emailed - watch for your opportunity to have some quality time with other band members during the summer!


If you did not hand in your music at the concert, or were unable to attend. and are not going to Yorkton on May 4th, please contact Bob to hand in your music as soon as possible.

If you have suggestions for music, please let Bob know.

Also, you are our greatest advertisement - please let folks know we're here, and we will start up again in mid-September, or thereabouts.

In the meantime: Go, Riders, Go!