And now it's time for a ROAD TRIP!

Post date: Mar 28, 2019 1:14:38 AM

After the Optimist Festival, there's not much left in March - except for the trip to Tisdale on Saturday, March 30.

We will be leaving the city bright and early so remember to set your alarms! There is a concert, and we will wear our standard ALL BLACK for it - we expect there will be time to change, so if you want to wear something different on the bus, please remember to bring your black shirt/pants/socks/shoes.

We also have a new piece that both groups will be working on and will need to practice together. (see - or rather, hear the attached mp3 file). Stay tuned for dates when Senior band will need to come a little early and Intermediate will need to stay a little late.

Please note that our AGM will be April 24th - on that night, we will also be downstairs at Lakeview United Church.


Please let us know if you won't be able to attend a rehearsal - since some of you travel quite a bit to come for band, it's nice to know you're safe!

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