Happy New Year!

Post date: Jan 20, 2011 5:41:47 AM

Welcome back!

While a few of us have braved the cold and snow that are still plaguing Wednesday nights,we seem to have more room than usual. While there are some members who are out sick, we hope most of you are enjoying warmer places.

We handed in a lot of music, so we can keep track of what we will be playing more easily, and, well, it's time to put the Christmas music away for another season.


Fees for the second have were due JANUARY 19 - that's an extra week to allow for the weather. Now there's no excuses...

We have a SOCIAL event planned for Saturday, February 19 - see the calendar entry for more details. There is a limit on the number, so it's the first 35 who pay that get in!

Also coming up in Febraurty is our clinic on the 23rd with Clinton Marshall. It's our regular Wednesday rehearsal, so please attend.

March will bring the Optimist Festival; stay tuned for details.

Upcoming Events:

February 19, 5:30pm: Escape from Winter Social - Paradise mini-golf, followed by a barbecue!

February 23: Clinic with Clinton Marshall - it was great fun last year!

March 23-25: Regina Optimist Band Festival - performance date and time to follow when available.

March 30, 7:30pm: AGM at Thom Collegiate

April 22-29: Easter break for Regina Public schools

TBA: Spring Concert