December Update

Post date: Dec 03, 2011 5:54:32 AM

The Christmas Concert Season is Upon Us!

But first, a Big Thank You!

... to everyone who participated in the Applause Dinner Theatre fundraiser, through contributing a prize or actually attending. The Prairie Winds and the Rough Rider Pep Band, who co-sponsored the event, did make a nice profit, and the audience had a good time, so it was a good night all around.


One down, two to go!

Thank you for the turnout at our own Christmas Concert, Sunday, December 4.

Next up is the Performance at the Wascana Rehab Centre, Wednesday. December 7. The tip for this one is that parking will be an issue, so please try to carpool or be prepared for a bit of a walk. As usual, if you can help move equipment, we would really appreciate it - please be at the church at 6. Otherwise, please be at the Rehab Centre by 6:30 to assist with setting up. See calendar entry for details.

After that, our last performance of the year will be a Guest appearance at the Mossing School of Music Concert, Sunday, December 11. After that, our next rehearsal will be in JANUARY 2012.

Please hand in your November 11th and Christmas folder at whichever of these performances will be the last one you attend this year. Please remember that our dress code for concerts and performances is straight black - down to shoes and socks.

Our first rehearsal of 2012 will be January 11 - at the usual times at Thom Collegiate.


For those paying in two installments, just a reminder that the next one will be due in January.

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