Remembrance ... of years past

Post date: Nov 11, 2020 6:51:47 PM

This year's Remembrance Day has been unusual:  it's been cold and snowy (not unusual), but we did not need to race to get on a bus, nor did we play the well-known pieces for the ceremony in Fort Qu'Appelle's high school, and we did not line up for chili at the Legion Hall. 

Instead, we had the opportunity to watch the ceremonies broadcast or recorded for various communities (our email update did include the link to the Fort Qu'Appelle version) from the safety of our own homes, in our small family bubbles. While we can replicate the chili for lunch, and the messages from the Legion and their chaplain(s) are still being given, it does not replace the camaraderie of the bus ride and the group's satisfaction of a well-played performance that has always been a large part of the morning on Remembrance Day. 

This year, we were left with our individual reflections - but we will remember them, the men and women who have made that sacrifice, of the time they spent apart from their families or of their lives, in the hopes of keeping our world safer.