Less than three weeks!!

Post date: Dec 06, 2014 6:39:0 AM

Now that it's not so bone-chillingly cold, we can start to look for the good things about December. Fewer than 20 sleeps until Christmas - must mean there's a concert in your future if you're reading this!

December - so far:

Our performance at the Wascana Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday, December 3 was well-received - thank you to all who came out, and especially to those who moved the percussion equipment. We should now be done with the November 11th folders, so be sure to bring them to rehearsal to hand them in.

There's only one rehearsal left before our concert on the 14th, so please make every effort to be there Wednesday.

Speaking of our upcoming concert:

Please be sure to share the poster - on social media and physically.

We'll go over when to get to the church and what needs to be done at rehearsal - but as a warning, there will be a break for for goodies and coffee, so we will be asking for baking/treats.

Our performance/concert attire is all black (tops, pants or skirts, socks and shoes).

Additional details will be added to the calendar entry.


Our December 50-50 draw will be made on December 10 - with the winnings to be distributed at the concert.

We are having a raffle as well - please, check your email for the list of fabulous prizes. Ticket books are available from the treasurer.

Fees are now OVERDUE. If you are having cash flow issues, check with the executive to arrange a payment plan that suits you.

Please let us know if you aren't able to get to rehearsal - the best method is to call Bob or email us.

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