It's a new month - did anyone see where that last one went?

Post date: Oct 03, 2012 5:4:30 AM

Welcome to October!

Now that we've got a lot of music handed out, it's time to get down to practicing... And we'll soon see the November 11th music come out as well.

We've even heard rumours of more new faces to come!


Fees are payable by October 24th - in full for members paying all at once or the first installment for those who are paying in two installments. The second installment will be due on January 9th when we return after the Christmas & New Year break. If neither of these options will work for you, please contact us and we will see what can be done.

Fundraising: Our major fall fundraiser is the Applause Dinner Theatre show that we put on in concert with the Pep Band. This year's event will be November 17th, and for $55/person (all ages welcome), each attendee gets a buffet dinner, coffee/tea, and a two act musical comedy show - and a chance at some nifty door prizes!

Speaking of door prizes, now's the time to start collecting items to donate...

And, to make it easy to share with your friends, families, co-workers and anyone else you can think of, the poster has been attached to this post!!

Attendance: Please let Bob or Jane know if you cannot attend - especially important when we're handing out new music, or when we're determining planned attendance for trips or events.

Upcoming Events:

October 24: Halloween Fun Night - those wearing costumes can win a prize!!

October 31: No band - let's keep everyone a little safer!

November 11: Senior group plays at the Remembrance Day service in Fort Qu'appelle

November 17: Applause Dinner Theatre Fundraiser

December 9: Christmas Concert!

January 9, 2013: First rehearsal of 2013