Happy New Year!

Post date: Jan 08, 2014 4:7:13 AM

We've turned the page on another calendar year, and it's back to work after the holidays...

While we are all hoping to avoid the wintry Wednesday weather challenges of years past, it does look like this winter will pose some challenges - and those of us who aren't escaping to warmer climates are looking forward to getting out of the current deep freeze this coming weekend - or if all else fails, sometime in April!

Rehearsals started this week, on Wednesday, January 8, at the usual place and time.

We tried out some of the pieces we hadn't worked on during the first half, and two more were handed out. There will be more handed out soon so we will have something different to work on.


If by some circumstance beyond your control, you still have Christmas music (or <gasp> November 11th music), PLEASE be sure to bring it as soon as possible.

For those members on the installment plan, second half fees are due now.

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