Back to the .. Deep Freeze!

Post date: Jan 07, 2015 5:10:59 AM

It's definitely winter! While we wait for the inevitable January thaw, we might as well start back to rehearsals. Those who are escaping to warmer climes or who get too sick of the cold should let the band directors know. The rest of us will make our way to Thom Collegiate on Wednesday nights...

January news, thus far:

The decision about Optimist has been made: the bands will alternate attendance, with the Senior band to attend this year. This will avoid the rushing around of the members who play in both bands on the same night. The registration has been sent in, with the caveat that we cannot play any earlier than 6pm.

Our clinic has been booked for February 25th, with Brent Ghiglione as our clinician. It will take pace in our usual place, at our usual times. We will try for a clinic with sectionals next year.

Stay tuned for news about the next social event...


Our December 50-50 draw winner did not step forward to claim the prize at the concert. If you get the email newsletter, and you have the ticket that matches the lucky number, please claim your prize on January 7th - otherwise it will get folded into this months draw to take place on January 14th. And yes, that was a hint - don't forget those loonies and twoonies when you come to rehearsal!


Second half fees are now DUE. If you are having cash flow issues, check with the executive to arrange a payment plan that suits you.

Please let us know if you aren't able to get to rehearsal - the best method is to call Bob or Kim - or email us.

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