Is it a Lion, a Lamb - or ??

Post date: Mar 07, 2012 4:49:24 AM

.. How do you think March has started?

Winter has apparently decided to make another appearance - just in time for band on Wednesday! In the meantime we will march on...


Are you interested in going to Williston this year? If so, please let Tracy or Sandra know by March 21. Because we aren't the guest band, it would be on our own tab. In order to consider booking a bus, we need at least 40 people on it; we would also need a reasonable instrumentation for performing.

Traditionally, the Williston Band Day Festival is held on the Mother's Day weekend - this year, the 80th Annual Festival will be on May 12th.

If there is not enough interest in going as a separate group, please consider joining the Mossing School of Music for their trip.



Any fees outstanding are now OVERDUE. Please see our treasurer to avoid getting the "stare" for that reason. You're on your own, however, when it comes to preparing your part.


There are still new pieces being handed out - make sure you check with the others in your section to see if they kept an extra copy for you.


If you will be unable to attend, please send us an email at or call Bob!

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