We've Given Thanks - now we move onto Remembering

Post date: Oct 15, 2014 5:42:5 AM

What an amazing weekend, weather-wise, for turkey, pumpkin pie, and general thankfulness. We'd feel a little more thankful had the football game been worthy of watching ...

The November 11th folders were handed out last week. Most of us have seen most of the pieces before, which is just as well since the concert is just a little over three weeks away - see the countdown on the left side of the page!

If you aren't yet a member, and would like to come play with us, please do so - we're always looking for more players!

Please give Bob a call before coming out, so we can try to get you the music that first night.

Not just music was handed out last week - the winner of the first monthly 50-50 draw got his prize last week. Remember to attend the first rehearsal of the month with your spare loonies & twoonies to get your chance - next draw will be November 5.

Upcoming Events:


We are playing a Remembrance Day concert in Regina this year - on November 9th at Lakeview United Church. Check the calendar for details, including the poster (special thanks to Terri!!). Please post and share the poster around town - it would be awesome to have a packed house. Note that there is a special rate for veterans, as we wish to acknowledge their contributions.

A short two days later, we will be attending the ceremony in Fort Qu'Appelle.

Note: proper concert attire is black - It sets off the music better when we all look consistent - and it lets us concentrate on playing.


We have a bowling night on October 25th - there are a few tickets left, so be sure to contact the social committee as soon as possible.


We will have a raffle this year - listen to announcements during rehearsal to find out what's on the list so far.

Speaking of funds, fees are due very soon - see countdown. If you wish to make two payments, the first is due right away, and the second is due in January. If you are having cash flow issues, check with the executive to arrange a payment plan that suits you.

If you can't make it to rehearsal, please let us know - call Bob or email us.

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