Now that's out of the way ...

Post date: Apr 26, 2017 6:18:0 AM

We should now be done with snow - especially since there's only one more Wednesday night rehearsal before our concert!! Of course, that also means collecting up folders and music - please hand in your folder if you won't be coming to the concert.

As usual for the concert, please be there an hour early (6pm this time!) to help set up and tune.


Our AGM will be held on Wednesday, May 3rd at 7 pm, in the Thom music room. It will be relatively short: likely only 30-45 minutes.


Proceeds from the Hot Dog sale during the summer and the 50/50 draws are can only be used for extras like new music when all the other bills are paid. Our fees are the major source of funds to keep the organization going. To have a successful Hot Dog sale, though, we need you to sign up for a shift - please check the weekly email for the schedule and let Sandra know ASAP which shift you will be able to work.

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