Welcome to the new season!

Post date: Sep 28, 2016 5:49:30 AM

Wow! It's already the end (nearly) of September - where did the time go??

As those of us who were able to come to rehearsal on Sept 21 saw, there's not only new music, there were also a number of new faces!

To make sure we get to know each other, there's a socializing time set aside this week (Sept 28) between the two sessions. Both rehearsals will be 15 minutes shorter so we can mingle with the other group, because we don't often get the chance.

Note that the 50/50 draw is starting up again, with Sept 28 being the first draw - you might just be the one to take the prize home this time!

So, come early - or stay late - to catch up with familiar faces and get to know the new ones!


Fees (for the full year or the first half) are due by October 19th. No additional cost for playing a second instrument or being in both groups!

Our fundraising requirements are minimal: a Hot Dog sale during the summer, and 50/50 draws once a month - and at the concerts.

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