A New Season

September 29 - Rehearsals cancelled

The church board has suspended our our use of their space until further notice, and will not approve its use for a concert at this time.

If you know of another space that is appropriate, please send us an email. Of course, it will need to be within our financial means as well.

September 14

Reminders about the requirements for using the church:

Please be sure to wear a mask when you are not playing!

Also, we are asked to remove our shoes when we enter the building - there will be a place to put them closer to the sanctuary where we will be practicing.

Do remember to bring your own stand, along with your music and instrument. And for brass players, don't forget your bell cover along with the drip collection mats.

September 5

More change?!

Sometimes change is good - and it has been a while since the last site refresh, so here's to a new look. There will be some adjustments made as the new platform has different options and it takes time to get them set up properly.

Here is a little more info before registration on Wednesday night, where we will get a the details on all that has been settled so far:

  • rehearsals are at Lakeview United Church, in the sanctuary

  • we bring our own stands

  • brass players need to bring bell covers and drip collection systems